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  My Favorite Links:

This is my links page. I have categorized my link sections to basically recommend various music sites I enjoy visiting. If you have information that you think I should have then contact me by e-mail at my address below.

Recommended Sites:

NME - The Music Lovers Bible - nuff said.

Radio 1 Alternative Section - All the best stuff is here from Lamacq, Mary Ann Hobbs and John Peel.

Q online - Great site to check out an archive of 1000s of album reviews.

Britpop Tabs - Best site on the web for indie guitar tabs.

Napster - If you haven't already got it, get your arse to the site and get it before its too late!!! Not nearly as good as it used to be but its still the best mp3 site.

Artists websites:

Radiohead - Offical site, good but very very strange and hard to navigate.

Oasis - Not brilliant but worth a look if your a big fan.

Mad Ferret - Un-offical Oasis site, but it pisses all over the offical one. Tabs, news, chat, biography...basically everything you need to know about the band.

Primal Scream - Superb site - not much info, but great visual. Definitely worth a look if u have Flash.

The Music - Not full of info, but at the moment theres live footage of one track and also a video of the current b-side. The message board is always full of good discussions. Definitely worth a look. These are the future.

The Music - Yahoo Group Good site to meet fellow fans of the most promising up & coming band since Oasis. Definitely worth checking out if you're a fan.

Leeds Music Scene All the news, reviews and top recommendations for gigs, records produced by artists from the north. Suberb gig guide accompanies the site.

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