the next big thing?

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The Next Big Thing?
This is a page dedicated to any up and coming new bands/artists that take my fancy and who look like they could make it big and put real music back at the top of the charts.
Just remember, every band started from somewhere (odd exception of Hear'Say), jamming in garages, sending out countless demos and playing small gigs to 15 or so people. For some the climb to reach their potential was a long hard struggle (James, Stone Roses) whereas others seemed to gain considerable popularity very quickly (Oasis, Coldplay). Some never reached anywhere near the heights they were capable and faded due to the struggle of recognision (The La's). The bands featured may not be the best band since The Roses but they'll all be fuckin good and worth checkin' out. And that I promise you.

thank you for...The Music The Music

Formed 2 years ago at school, this four piece from Kippax in Leeds have caused quite a hype in recent months despite even yet to release even a single or to play a gig in London.

Relatively unknown a few months ago the band were featured on Steve Lamacq's Session Unsigned, when Steve played 'Take The Long Road And Walk It'. They are now one of the hottest bands around and have recently recorded a session for Lamacq which further increased their growing popularity.

The Music are:(from left)
Stuart Coleman, bass
Robert Harvey, vocals & guitar
Phil Jordan, drums
Adam Nutter, lead guitar

Formerly named 'Insense', when they won the Bright Young Things competition held in Leeds, the band changed their name to the simple, effective and some-what cocksure The Music: "It's original, no-one has ever used the name before".

The current state of the music business says it all about the lack of up-and-coming new bands. The most successful bands of the last year have been Coldplay and Starsailor. They may make good music but they are hardly the exciting, confident rock'n'roll band that Britain hasn't seen since Oasis. The Music could just be that group.

"It's all very well making music, but you've got to have the attitude to go with it," insists the charismatic frontman Robert Harvey. "You've got to have something to say. Everyone seems happy to let the world pass them by & let things decay around them. Well, we're not happy to do that."

A listen to their debut single 'Take The Long Road And Walk It' draws reminisance of The Stone Roses in their peak, mixing jaggly guitar noise to form rock music to dance to. The song also bear a noticable resemblance to early-Oasis track 'Columbia'. Continuous, repetitive loud guitar riff with a catchy chorus. But mostly this debut track is original and fresh and you only have to listen to the flipside of the single to find the equally impressive 'The Walls Are Getting Smaller' to see that this band are out to creat music that hasn't been created before. This track Mogwai-ish instrumental which erupts half-way into a chorus of chaotic guitars and crashing drums.

This is a band that have the potential to be the best and most important band since Oasis...and they might just do it.