my record collection

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First Record I Bought...
...Oasis - (What's The Story) Morning Glory.
I vividly remember I now, I think I bought it with my brother and we both loved it cos we already had it on a tape which my uncle had recorded for us. First time I heard the album the song I thought mostly stood out (other than Wonderwall which I was already familiar with) was Don't Look Back In Anger. When I first heard that it hadn't been released as a single and I just loved that song from the first moment I heard it. The album's still a massive favourite of all my collection.

Record to chill-out to...
...Mogwai - Rock Action
Very recent album but its already a big favourite of mine cos its so chilled-out and relaxing. I prefer it to Come On Die Young and the EP cos it has vocals on it which just make it that bit more relaxing. Always put it on the stereo when I can't get to sleep cos it just slows your body down and almost acts as meditation.

Record to dance to...
...Primal Scream - Screamadelica
Probably my second favourite album of all times, purely because its so brilliant and that it works on so many levels meaning you can listen to it in almost any mood. The first seven songs on the record are probably the besty dance tracks you could ever hope to listen to. Slip Inside This House is the most under-rated track on that album, just listen to when the bass enters about a minute into it. Pure class.

Record which scares me...
...Love - Forever Changes
I don't really know fully why but this album absolutely scares me shitless when I listen to it at night. Maybe its cos the vocals of Arthur Lee are so sharpe ("sitting on a hill si-i-ide, watching all the people die") and the way he can just extend a word and also shorten it. Maybe its because I can relate to the album that it scares me, because to me that whole album just sounds like one bad dream (it is actually based on a series of dreams songwriter Lee experienced that convinced him he would die the following year). The overall sound to the record seems uplifting with the strings and orchestral feel, but the vocals and lyrics just prove that this is not a happy album. Alone Again Or, The Red Telephone and You Set The Scene scare me most but are my 3 favourite tracks on the whole album.
This album is an absolute classic (best album of the 60s by far) and anyone who likes psychedelic music (Roses, early-Verve) shouldn't hesitate to buy it.

Record to play at full volume...
...Sex Pistols - Never Mind The Bollocks, Here's The Sex Pistols
This whole album is just filled with absolute classics, and every song is as good as the next. People say that the attitude is what makes this record so good but I think its down to the fact that there are 12 out-and-out rock'n'roll tunes, played by the best punk band of all time. Bodies is definitely the standout track, but God Save The Queen comes a close second. The fact that they never made a proper follow-up record adds to the legend of this album. And any album/or group who caused as much uproar as The Pistols is worth their weight in gold.

Record I mostly recommend...
...Spiritualized - Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space
The most under-rated album of all time in my opinion. I bought it about a year ago purely on the basis I'd heard it was similar to Screamadelica. I expected a dancey record and got the opposite. Very similar sounding to Higher Than The Sun on Screamadelica but the rest is just 70 minutes of love, hear-break, chill-out, meloncholy tunes. No weak track, but the title track (the opening song) is the standout track, because of the different vocals used over the top of each other towards the end. I'd recommend this album to absolutely anyone and few would be disappointed. The best album of the year it was released. And that isn't bad going when OK Computer, Urban Hymns, Fat OF The Land and Be Here Now were released.

Record I couldn't live without...
...The Stone Roses - The Stone Roses
Not having this album in my collection is now unthinkable because it is just the best thing in the history of the world to have been made my man. All 11 songs are the most tuneful, melodic songs you will ever hear and John Squire's guitar playing is just immaculate. There isn't one duff or average second to the whole album and after listening to it a thousand times you'll still find something new about it. I checked this album out based on hearing This Is The One and soon the album was my favourite of all time and remains still. I Am The Resurrection is my favourite track on the album purely because of the jam at the end. If I ever find I have 45 minutes spare in a day, theres no better way to fill it than listening to this album. One of those records you'll put on to listen to just the one song and ending up spending hours listening to the whole record over and over again.