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Classic Album: Primal Scream - Screamadelica Welcome to the 'record box' website

Hi and welcome to my own website dedicated solely to the best music of yesterday, tomorrow and today. Set up out of pure bordom and out of the fact that there aren't many decent music websites I know of that are a good read.
This site will be updated regularly with all the latest music news, reviews, views and recommendations.
And ladies and gentleman, in the words of Richard Ashcroft 'this is music'

What sort of music will the website cover?
Basically anything that is actually any good. Obviously to all you 'real' music fans who care about music that discludes garage music, and manufactured pop, but basically anything else qualifies. As long as I personally like it and/or have respect for the artist/track I will include it if it is relevant. Personally favourites include indie music (you'll be reading a lot of it), house, rock, psychedelic, techno...

Due to the massive (ok not massive but very good) response I have recieved from this site in terms of hits and opinions, I've decided that the only way to improve the site further is to have input from other people. So if theres anyone who'd like to right a section/page about anything relative to music please, please contact me.
a dance page - good house/techno (no garage, trance or hardhouse);
a weekly column - views about music
reviews - help me with reviews, i can't afford to review every album

If your serious about wanting to write for the site, you'd be expected to update your page weekly.

To contact me either leave a message on the guestbook (now working) pr e-mail me from the contacts page.

Starting this website and getting it up and running was a very hard task, a lot harder than I thought it would anyway. I just basically wanted too write something about the music which means a lot to me and I hope that you, the reader, will enjoy reading it as much as I've enjoyed putting it together.
Music for me, since the age of about 11, has been one of the two great loves in my life (the other being football & Man United - season ticket holder for 11 years). Being currently 17 years old that means that I first started to get into music during the 'Britpop years'. Oh I long for the days when good music was popular. The first bands that I got into was Blur and Oasis due to my uncle recording me the first two Oasis albums and 'Parklife', in a bid to stop me beginning to follow chart rap or something. Eventually I got into Oasis in a pretty big way, soon owning their whole back catalogue of singles and albums. In fact the first actually album I bought (excluding Now Thats What I Call Music...) was 'Morning Glory' which still remains one of my favourite records of all time. Back then though to me that record was perfection. No duff song, 10 songs to sing a long to and a cool frontman to look up to.
From originally liking Oasis, of course, I eventually started to check out other older groups that were often mentioned in the same breath as them. Beatles & Stones I was already quite familar of (the former being my mothers favourite group, the later my dads) but also groups such as Pulp, Supergrass, The Verve and mostly the Stone Roses. The Stone Roses are a band I first heard on a Sky Sports football programme where they played 'This Is The One', then I kept hearing it constantly at half-time at United games. After asking my uncle who sang it he pointed out it was the Roses. No he didn't have the song as he didn't own the album it was on. Then looking through my local liabrary I spotted a Stone Roses album with the song and decided to check it out. Took it home recorded the album, listened to that song over and over again and didn't really listen to the rest of it. Then gradually I listened to the other tracks, and they suddenly began to really grow on me until I bought the album and have since become some-what obsessed with them. Groups followed from the Roses in the same way it did from Oasis. IT introduced me to James, Primal Scream, The La's, Happy Mondays. And now my record collection is full of records by such artists.
I warned you that you'd hear a lot about indie, but I haven't just liked indie over the years. I've become into rock, metal (not nu-metal), prog rock, and various other genres but none have really touched me or inspired me the way groups like Oasis or the Roses have.

Live the dream

Liam Gallagher = idol 9885